Ernani Fashion, the quality is in the small craftsmanship

Ernani Fashion

In the city of Rome, the eternal city, there is a rather young sartorial craftsman company, that could become great.

Because quality is often in the small things and you don’t need the big retail of the famous fashion brand to find a good product.

Ernani is specialized men’s fashion: shirts, ties and pocket square.

The quality of their products is really impressive. The craftsmanship expressed by the mastery of highly skilled labor, the obsessive attention to detail and the choice of the best Made in Italy fabrics.

Is good to know that not every Italian fashion maisons use italian products and materials. And is not fair to buy an “Italian” shirt “made in Turkey” with Chinese cotton…

Their product are not the cheepest of the market, but the prices are affordable, compared to the quality.

My dears, do you really think that you can wear Italian at Walmart prices?

Ernani Fashion shirt

Ernani Fashion shirt

Ernani Fashion shirt


Ernani Fashion shirt

Ernani Fashion Guglielmini shirt

Guglielmini shirt: Popelin Stripe lilac Slim Fit Shirt, 100% cotton double twisted – 99€

Ernani Fashion Alfieri shirt

Alfieri: Twill black Slim Fit Shirt, 100% cotton double twisted – 109€

Ernani Fashion pochette Fisarmonica

Fisarmonica: Red Paisley Silk Pocket Square – 29€

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