Spring beauty tip: scrub your body

body scrub

Spring arrived and soon we will begin to discover parts of our body that for some months have been covered.
It is the right time to think about making our skin more healthy, softer and smoother.
The scrub will aid to reach our aim, it’s a real beauty treatment for our body.
It lets you remove dead cells from the skin and make the skin more radiant as well.
The scrub exfoliates only the superficial part, leaving it more elastic and new.
But first you need to choose good products to avoid damages to the skin, it must be delicate and at the same time must protect your skin
without making it lose moisture.
We are going to take off so only the impurities that obstruct the pores.
After a scrub, remember very well, to moisturize your skin.

body scrub

ahava scrub

Ahava Softening Butter Salt Scrub

A butter-textured body exfoliator – rich in natural salts, oils and sugar, that transforms into a lotion with water. gentle scrub exfoliates dead cells and transforms into a rejuvenating lotion for intense hydration.

caudalie scrub

Caudalie Gommage Crushed Cabernet

This natural, wine-inspired body scrub provides strong exfoliation, drains, refines, softens, and nourishes the skin as it imparts intense hydration and a satiny finish.

lierac scrub

Lierac Sensorial exfoliator with 3 white flowers

This deliciously textured gel-oil exfoliates, smooth and tones the skin. Ultra-creamy, it moisturizes the skin while adding warm, sensual fragrant notes.

collistar scrub

Collistar Brightening Talasso-Scrub

The scrub’s combination of sea salt with ‘micro-granules’ of lemon peel frees the skin’s surface from dead cells, cleanses, smoothes and renews, accelerating the physiological skin cell turn-over and instantly leaves the skin extraordinarily soft and smooth. Effective brightening and lightening.

tata harper scrub

Tata Harper Smoothing Body Scrub

This Smoothing Body Scrub thoroughly exfoliates with a multi-particle polishing complex, leaving skin softened, smooth, and glowing.

The Tata Harper Estate Grown Beauty Complex is a blend of five nutrient dense, organic herbs that is infused into each and every one of Tata’s hand-batched products.

sisley scrub

Sisley Energizing Foaming Exfoliant for the Body

It combines the benefits of essential oils (Lavender and Rosemary), exfoliating microbeads, and plant extracts to eliminate dead skin cells and rough patches. With its energizing and refreshing scent.

body scrub

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