Hillary Clinton and her “too Expensive” dresses

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is having her chance to become President of the United States, but someone says that she is slipping up on her dresses.
The Democratic candidate would spend at least $ 200,000 for her wardrobe to wear during the election campaign.
Many have seen in her clothing a distance signal from the common people, by reinforcing that image of a Hillary ‘out of touch’ and… But, wait, wait, what am I talking about?
Who cares if Hillary is “out of touch”, this is a fashion blog, so let’s see if Hillary is “in touch” with fashion and style or not!
The former First Lady has never been a style icon, that’s why she is starting to wear expensive dresses, but will she achieve the result to be cool at least as Michelle Obama?
Let’s see some of her clothes.

Hillary Clinton Armani jacket

Hillary wearing a Giorgio Armani jacket of $12,495 in April 2016

Hillary Clinton Armani Las Vegas

An Armani jacket (again) at Las Vegas, but cheaper this time: $ 1,200.

Hillary Clinton Orange

Hillary is wearing an orange suit during the Democratic convention of Denver

Hillary Clinton Ralph Lauren

Hillary shows up this cobalt blue separates by Ralph Lauren

Hillary Clinton first lady

A younger, and may be better dressed, Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Susanna Beverly Hills

This Susanna Beverly Hills jacket costs about $ 4,000

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