Oval makeup brushes

Oval makeup brushes

Oval makeup brushes have definitely revolutionized the way people wear makeup!
The success of our makeup depends not only on the quality of the products we use to achieve it, but also and especially from the tools that we use for the application.
The 10 piece set of oval brushes by Arvis gives you so many options for doing your makeup: these round shape brushes are perfect for blending foundation, blush, or powder to your face.

Oval makeup brushes
They are like a mini hair brush and have three to 10 times the amount of individual fibers as conventional brushes, which makes the application practically magnetic.

Oval makeup brushes
Oval makeup brushes have bristles made of CosmetoFibre, a synthetic material and therefore not of animal-derived, bristles much thinner than conventional synthetic brushes thus allowing an even application, precise and more uniform.

Oval makeup brushes
Oval brushes of large size are perfect to apply foundation, bronzer or even (apply to the skin in circular motions) while the smaller are great too if you’re going for a bold, dark eye look because they really lay down the color.
Well, with so many different sized brushes to choose from, you can achieve any look you desire!
Here you are some videos that review and show how to use them.



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