Wellness in the bathroom


Wellness is what we are looking for when we want to relax in in our bathroom.
Not always with a lovely bath because now you can turn your simple shower in a multifuncional shower.
Glass1989 is an Italian producer of shower &h amman products, in continuous drive for innovation, flexibility of the production, strong adaptability and response to changes in demand are among the winning features of the company.
Their proposals for wellness (Noor Steam, Babele Steam, NonSoloDoccia, Osmos Steam, Pasodoble, Skin 120) are extremely versatile, functional, innovative and perfectly suited to a home environment, with a contemporary design, exclusive materials and textures.
For example, for a complete experience and a secure sensation of wellness their new product NonSoloDoccia (not only a shower) is perfect: characterized by the dimension, it can be installed in a reduced domestic environment and offers professional performances.
His plate and seat are in Plylite an exclusive composite material with high strength, stability over time and ease to clean with a decidedly pleasant and contemporary mood.


Glass1989 NonSoloDoccia


Glass1989 NonSoloDoccia


Glass1989 Noor Steam

Noor Steam

Osmos Steam Glass1989

Osmos Steam

Pasodoble Glass1989


Skin 120 Glass1989

Skin 120

Babele Steam Glass1989

Babele Steam

Glass1989 steam and bath


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